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Hello guys.

I am Kiran A, the owner of this website. I am a mechanical engineer. Blogging is my passion and it makes me feel happy. I have been into blogging since 2011.

My website “bestrefrigerator4you.in” is all about refrigerator. From my childhood days i had a curiosity as to how the refrigerator works. Moreover in my engineering days had done comprehensible research on refrigerators and their working principle.

So, i started blogging on refrigerator. The topic is very close to my heart.

Whenever we buy a refrigerator, we must know the technical aspects of the refrigerator. We must know about its compressor, its efficiency, cooling performance during power cuts,etc.

On our website, once you go through our comprehensible articles on the refrigerator, we assure you that all your doubts shall be cleared and you will be able to make the right choice as per your need.

The review which we give is totally based on thorough research. Our aim is that each and every reader gets authentic and right information about the product.

Also myself with my team check our articles on daily basis, and make necessary changes required if any, so that our readers get the latest information about the product they want to purchase.

Hope you benefit from our reviews.

Thank You.

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